A dynamic way to challenge assumptions and way of working as a team. Demonstrate the power of team vs the individual interest.

Energise your team in a fun way that will help you link the learning of team working in the next topic of your presentation.



As a team you will receive a stick and you have to put it on the ground (trainer shows them how you and only you, take the stick and put it on the ground). Easy, right?

You will have to hold the stick only with your index fingers from bellow the stick. 

Start from your shoulder.

The most important rule is that you always have to have contact with the stick. If not, the trainer will make you aware of it.

Dont’s: pull down on the stick / bend your knees first / disconnect from the stick.


Assemble the stick and make it as long as you want. You can create more sticks and make a competition out of it.

Explain the rules. Be very specific on the always make contact rule.

Make sure that you push down on the stick as they start the exercise to put pressure. The stick will go up. Listen to their commands and register them for later feedback.

After first try tell them to stop and explain that you did not tell them which way is up and down. 🙂

Let them try again.

If not successful coach them but don’t show them.

Ask them at the end of the exercise if they respected the Rule? (they did not) Could they do it by respecting the rule? Yes, if you work as a team.

Coach them: how do you define down? Be specific.

Debrief to link to your next topic.


Explain and introduce the game – 5 min

The Game 1st part – 5 min

The Game 2nd part – 5 min

The Game 3rd part – 2 min

Debriefing – 5 min

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