Managers vs Employees is a common view in corporate and it can create a negative environment that can undermine the business results.

An activity that will take participants to a challenging process of building a structure based on specifications. In this activity each part has it’s own perspective on how things should and can be done. Managers have their specifications and a 2d view. While employees have the actual pieces and a 3d view. 

How will they be able to go over assumptions and paradigms? Will all of them take responsibility? How will they overcome challenges and barriers? How did all involve?

Understanding ones paradigms and how they come into existence in a working environment will create AHA! moments and this can be done while playing and having fun.

The outcomes and conclusions of this game will help lead to a workshop for communication, process mapping or project management, and any other topic that requires collaboration and leadership.



Chose who will be the manager? As a manager you will be able to communicate only from a distance (preferably walkie talkies or phones)

Chose who will be the Project manager? He will not be able to talk to the teams only with the managers. He can observe, write down information, but not intervene.

You will have to complete a task that is available to the manager.

Managers and Participants are separated.

Managers receive the blueprint and communication tool. Participants receive the pieces and communication tool.


1st part: Decide with them who will play the manager or managers and also chose only one project manager. Suggest that each manager is responsible for its team. No matter what the number of managers is, there will be only one PM.

Take managers in a different room or very far away from their teams so that they can not see but hear.

Observe each team and managers how they: use resources, understand objectives, ask questions, manage time, use the PM, overcome obstacles. 

2nd part: allow the PM to talk to the teams

3rd part: ask managers to join, they can talk but don’t show the blueprint

4th part: managers can show the blueprint

Allow them to finish the maze and debrief on positive and negative. You are ready to transition to the topic.


Explain and introduce the game – 5 min

Split them (manager/PM/team) – 5 min

The Game 1st part – 30 min

The Game 2nd part – 10 min

The Game 3rd part – 10 min

The Game 4th part – 10 min

Debriefing – 15 min

Our mission is to improve the quality of the experiences participants have during training and we want to help trainers to have access to a multitude of tools that they can use depending of the training specificity.

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