Gravity can be your friend and your enemy in the same time. When you have to suspend 16 nails on 1 nail that is fixed on a piece of wood things become interesting.
What may look impossible it becomes real and with a good AHA! moment that you can use to transition to a day recap or a new topic.

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A fast and easy way to help people break barriers by coming together and working close by. It is very difficult at the beginning of a training to get people tough ether. 
Make it fun and use this game to have them sharing experiences afterwords and start creating a team in just a few minutes.

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A dynamic way to challenge assumptions and way of working as a team. Demonstrate the power of team vs the individual interest.
Energise your team in a fun way that will help you link the learning of team working in the next topic of your presentation.

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Managers vs Employees is a common view in corporate and it can create a negative environment that can undermine the business results.
An activity that will take participants to a challenging process of building a structure based on specifications.

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All our actions are based on the paradigms we develop or borrow. The most common one is the that of competition, and most of the time is within our own company.
A simple game yet multi layered that takes participants through the stages of team building: forming, norming, storming and performing. 

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Our mission is to improve the quality of the experiences participants have during training and we want to help trainers to have access to a multitude of tools that they can use depending of the training specificity.

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