A fast and easy way to help people break barriers by coming together and working close by.

It is very difficult at the beginning of a training to get people tough ether. 

Make it fun and use this game to have them sharing experiences afterwords and start creating a team in just a few minutes.



Each person from the team has to hold on to one piece of wood until all the pieces are combined in a square. You will not let go until the end.

If there are more pieces of wood than team members, each one will take 2 pieces.

Minimum requirement per team is 4 members.


Make sure you break all the pieces before the game.

Optional: in case you want to make it on collaboration you can mix one piece of wood between the two teams.

Explain the rules.


Explain and introduce the game: 3 min

The Game 1st part – 5 min

The Game 2nd part – 5 min (extra time)

Debriefing – 5 min 

Our mission is to improve the quality of the experiences participants have during training and we want to help trainers to have access to a multitude of tools that they can use depending of the training specificity.

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