Gravity can be your friend and your enemy in the same time. When you have to suspend 16 nails on 1 nail that is fixed on a piece of wood things become interesting.

A good icebreaker after a meal or in the morning to start in a good mood. 

What may look impossible it becomes real and with a good AHA! moment that you can use to transition to a day recap or a new topic.

How did you look at this challenge? How did you accept errors and how did you adapt?

The outcomes and conclusions of this game will help you lead to a workshop for change management and collaboration, and any other topic linked to communication.



They receive a piece of wood and a nail positioned vertical in it. Also they receive 16 extra nails.

They have to suspend the 16 nails only on the vertical nail.


Give the materials and make sure that the nail is stick in the piece of wood delivered.

Make sure that they don’t suspend them on other objects.

Don’t give more hints. 

Let them try as many times as possible.

Show them in the end how it’s done and see how they react. 🙂


Explain and introduce the game – 5 min

The Game – 10 min

Debriefing – 5 min

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